All solutions for cleaning solar panels
If you are in the solar panel cleaning business, you definitely need the best equipment and accessories to perform an efficient wash and get a quick return on investment. We are the official distributor of Ksolara, a company that designs and manufactures professional solar panel cleaning machines addressed for rooftop mount installations and ground mount installations. The philosophy of the products is to deliver strong, reliable and easy to use equipment to maintain and clean the solar panels without ruining or scratching the surface. Short resume and key points of Ksolara products:

LIGHTWEIGHT - Machines and equipments are lighter compared to other products and grant and easier and better handling.

EFFICIENCY - Thanks to the simplicity of the mechanics and its long life durability, the machines can perform an excellent cleaning ensuring without the use of additional chemicals and additives.

ROBUSTNESS - Ksolara’s products are entirely made with premium and high quality materials and 100% Made in Italy.

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